Global food production must double by 2050 to feed a growing world population. This increase must be achieved while balancing diminishing resources and increased competition for land and water, and while minimizing adverse impacts on the environment. To meet this grand challenge AMPLIFY teams have focused their efforts in four research areas:  1) Accelerated High Yield Plant Improvement; 2) Increased Yield with Reduced Water Use and Nutrient Loss; 3) Enhanced Nutrient Uptake and Utilization, and 4) Speed Adoption of New Technologies and Practices.  Projects are in progress or planned for each of these topic areas are:


1.  Accelerated High Yield Plant Improvement

a. Development of new and miniaturized spectral imaging equipment and their adaptation for use in agricultural 

b. Correlation of spectral patterns of plants grown on a highly instrumented field site with 30 key plant phenotypes associated with plant productivity to enhance the speed and efficiency of plant phenotyping

c. Development of gene specific reporters visible by remote sensors to assess the genetic and biochemical bases of traits associated with plant yield and response to stress in the field

d. Development of plant growth models to identify rate-limiting steps in plant productivity and to inform the development management strategies


2. Increased Yield with Reduced Water Use and Nutrient Loss

            a. Development of water use models for prediction of water management based on soil, run off, nutrients and crop yield

            b. Development of smart irrigation systems for optimum water management for yield and reduced nutrient loss


3. Enhanced Nutrient Uptake and Utilization           

a. Maximize plant yield through the management of key soil properties (fertility, chemistry, soil physical properties and processes, and biology)

            b. Enhance plant growth, nutrient availability, and soil carbon/nitrogen balance through management of soil microbial communities

            c. Optimize plant nutrient uptake, mobilization, and utilization to increase yield with fewer inputs. 


4. Speed Adoption of New Technologies and Practices

            a. Development of new management strategies based on the integration of new technology and practices

            b. Development of new delivery systems for rapid adoption of new technology & manage­ment practices by stakeholders


AMPLIFY builds dynamic teams tailored to specific research projects which address challenges of mutual interest to AMPLIFY and stakeholders.